About Us


PJK InnDesign is an international interior design office that develops the project in all its phases, the architectural concept and the executive planning, until the realization of interiors, creating the unique and specially designed spaces for functional and aesthetic requirements.

The studio also manages the artisan production of joineries, kitchens and padded.

This is possible thanks to a continuous search of the merger between ergonomics and design, technology and refined elegance, not exempt themselves from the study of technological details, from the selection of essences and by experiments on materials.

Max Tafaro

The first passion is for the food, joined firmly to that for design. Max Tafaro has the ability to do just an environment, to think and to return it as a functional space.

He loves his job immensely, design and build.

He studies the neutral space and fills the parties, creating the elements that make it up; he imagines, chooses, invents and gives shape to the thoughts of others that flow into its: the solutions are produced by a deep research, sedimented in layers of elements that find concrete fullness in the choice of materials, the creation of forms, attention to detail.



The staff consists of architects, interior designers, engineers and technically prepared professionists as carpenters, upholsterers, electricians, builders and decorators.