Rue de Tournon – Paris

In this article there is a short photographic review of the work done in Paris in Rue de Tournon by Pjk Inndesign.

Rue du Vieux – Paris

This article presents a short photographic review of the work done by Pjk InnDesign in Paris at Rue du Vieux.

Paris – Rue Du Bac

Paris is one of the cities in Pjk InnDesign has stamped his name. The photos show an apartment in the Rue de Bac.

Paris – St. Guillame

When the professional meets the aesthetics are obtained really wonderful results. And it is what happened in the kitchen of an apartment in St. Guillaume, Paris, thanks to Pjk InnDesign.

Paris – Longchamp

The ingenuity and the pursuit of perfection of Pjk InnDesign also arrived in Paris at Longchamp. The style and the apartment’s colors have been studied in detail to get an […]