Rome – Lungotevere Flaminio A

Below, a short photogallery made in Rome at an apartment on Lungotevere Flaminio that showcases the work of Pjk InnDesign.

Rome – Nemea

In this section a short photogallery of works done by Pjk InnDesign at Via Nemea in Rome .

Rome – Lungotevere Flaminio B

The apartment situated on the Lungotevere in Rome is one of the jewels of those made by Pjk InnDesign. Looking at the photo gallery below emerge the class and sophistication […]

Rome – Parioli

The works for the apartment in Viale Parioli, in the heart of Rome , the Pjk InnDesign are emblematic the attention to detail that is put into each project.

Rome – Zandonai

The apartment in Zandonai street in Rome is another example of the passion and good taste that Pjk InnDesign puts in its achievements. Not only work, but the heart.

Rome – Carlo Fea

The apartment in Carlo Fea street in Rome is another example of the care and professionalism that Pjk InnDesign puts in every project and realization. Below is a brief photogallery.

Rome – Aurelia Antica

In this article you can find a collection of photographs of the apartment made in Rome in street Aurelia Antica from Pjk InnDesign. Another example of style, taste and professionalism.