Interior Design

To build environments and thinking about the beauty, the perfection.

The beauty idea is always at the center of every project of Max Tafaro. To reach it, the work team of PJK research the most valuable raw materials by putting attention, almost maniacal, for details on a path that requires knowledge and imagination.

Is this intuition that underlies much of the ability to realize the idea: give space to a family inside, imagine the joy of the family to live it.

No doubt each environment takes shape from the technical, but nothing has to be invented, since the project has already found place in Max’s mind: give the first glimpse at the local and find the correspondence to the project it is all one from design to realization, in a careful path in which are important materials research, the choice of appliances, the intuition of the forms, the composition of the cuts.

The uniqueness of realizations is possible thanks to a close-knit teamwork: from the architects to engineers everyone believe in the project, they do it right to transfer this passion in the high quality of the products.

See our projects:

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