Yesterday and Today


The history of PJK InnDesign begins from the Sicilian family tradition of the early ‘900, years in which Salvatore Tafaro, always aware of the secrets of the art of wood, decided to start his own one-man company, with the opening of a small laboratory, aimed at the production of joinery of artisan tradition.

A family passion that finds its magnificent performance in the presence of several generations and therefore in the creation of what very few other activities can boast to define “tradition”.

It is precisely in the name of this tradition that grandfather, son and grandchildren have renewed, compared and today Maximilian is able to develop this family activity by founding the PJK InnDesign, which made the art of Tafaro family a real reference point.


The secrets and care for the processes have been passed down from father to son, and it is today that the grandson Maximilian continues the great-grandfather’s work, transforming the experience gained in the United States from 1985 to 2001, in a perfect combination of artisan tradition and the most modern and advanced technology combined with the most evolved design concepts.

This has given rise to an architecture office can provide a full service ranging from design to interior realization.